Top 5 Ways A Criminal Record Can Compromise Your Future

July 29, 2011

We all know that holding a criminal record is a serious matter. But do we really know the consequences one faces when having actually having a criminal record?

1. A criminal record will stay with you for life

2. The US and other popular travel destinations will not let you enter their country

3. Will not be able to apply for landed immigrant status or citizenship

4. You will not be able to volunteer in most sectors

5. Many jobs now require a mandatory criminal record check

If you are a stuck with a criminal record from a minor offense, take action now and have your record Pardoned. Visit today for more info.


Top 5 Facts about a Conditional Discharge

July 28, 2011

Conditional Discharges can be granted based on the conviction being a  minor offense. But how long does that discharge remain on your record?

1. A discharge will appear on your record for 3 years after the sentence has been completed.

2. Conditional discharges can only be granted on minor offenses.

3. A Conditional discharge can only be considered if you have no previous similar convictions.

4. If you are involved in a later offense, the courts can pull up your discharge and take it into consideration

5. The only way to be sure your conditional discharge is sealed is to apply for a Pardon.

If you have a Conditional a discharge that is currently affecting you, the best thing to do is to apply for a Pardon. Express Pardons can help. visit today for more information

Top 5 Reasons to Seal a Permanent Criminal Record

July 27, 2011

The permanence of a criminal record for life will affect more things than you know. Consider this list of top  5 reasons you need to seal your criminal record

1. Apply for the job you want

2. Travel wherever you want

3. Become a Volunteer

4. Apply for the school program of your choice

5. Apply for Canadian Citizenship

This list goes on but the bottom line that a criminal record in Canada is permanent and will not go away until you apply for a Pardon to seal your record. If you are eligible for a Pardon, don’t waste another day-Apply now!

5 Reasons to Avoid a Criminal Record

July 27, 2011

There are many reasons why one would certainly not want to have a criminal record attached to their name. Today we are going to outline 5 good reasons you should avoid a criminal record.

1. You’re branded  a criminal for life. Well for most of it  anyways.

2. Court Appearances are never fun.

3. Your fingerprints will be in the system.

4. Criminal record checks from employers are becoming a standard procedure

5. Throw your international travel plans out the window.

If you have a criminal record check and are tired of being branded a criminal, then start your application process today and apply for a Pardon.

Top 8 Reasons you need a Pardon, and fast!

July 22, 2011

With a new legislation just around the corner including changes that will make it exceedingly more difficult to obtain your Pardon, you must act now to guarantee success with your application and clearing your criminal record for good.

1. Lower Pardon application fees

2. Shorter wait times

3. Current eligibility requirements

4. Clear your criminal record

5. Apply for the job your want

6. Stop worrying about travel or immigration issues

7. Apply for volunteer programs of your choice

8. Never again be judged because of your past

If you hold a criminal record then you know how hard it can be to move on without it constantly affecting you. Clear your record and free yourself from your past offenses. Apply for a Pardon today.

Top 5 reasons to use a Pardon processing service

July 21, 2011

When it comes to Pardon applications, why seek advise from the RCMP when you can get everything you need from a specialized Pardon processing service. Today Express Pardons outlines the top reasons for choosing a specialized Pardon processing service or going to the RCMP for your pardon processing needs.

1. Less work for you

2. No steps will be missed causing your application to be denied

3. Have someone you trust speak on your behalf

4. Specialists know exactly what to look for and what to say

5. Guaranteed results or your money back.

If you require a Pardon or have any question regarding the Pardon application process, seek out a trusted Pardon processing service such as Express Pardons and let the professionals take care of it for you.

5 Ways a Pardon can help with Immigration

July 20, 2011

Immigrating to Canada or any place can be a stressful process as is, now throw a criminal record into the mix and find out just how stressful it can truly become. Today Express Pardons outlines 5 Key reasons criminal record holders planning to immigrate should apply for their Pardon as soon as they become eligible.

1. Decrease wait times on Canadian citizenship application

2. Avoid being deported

3. Keep your permanent residence status

4. Cut the chances of your citizenship application being denied

5. Prove to Immigration Canada that you are no longer involved in criminal activity

If you are in the process of applying for your Canadian citizenship and currently hold a criminal record, it’s not too late. Start the application process as soon as possible and there may still be a chance of successful with your Canadian citizenship application. Even if you do end up being deported by immigration Canada because of your criminal record, re entry into Canada and a new application will be much easier once your criminal record has been sealed

Top 5 Reasons to use specialized Pardon Services

July 19, 2011

With several options available, how to we truly know who to choose to process our Pardon applications? Some may suggest Service Canada, though today we’re going cover the key reasons why you are better off going with a specialized pardon service.

Why use specialized Pardon services?

1. More competent staff.

2. No line-ups or long grueling phone calls, most of which are spent on hold

3. Fast efficient service – Let the professionals handle what they do best

4. Reasonable processing times

5. Enjoy an overall much more pleasant experience

General rule of thumb. When you have the option, always go with a specialized service for the best results.

Top 5 reasons to apply for your Pardon Today!

July 18, 2011

Now that the Canadian Government is being led by a Conservative Majority, the Pardon system will see huge revisions as the plan to implement a new criminal legislation crushes the Pardon system as we know it.  Here, Express Pardons discusses the top 5 reasons  you should not hesitate in applying for your Pardon today.

1. Prices are guaranteed to rise exponentially

2. New eligibility restrictions

3. Longer waiting periods

4. Lower odds that your Pardon will be approved

5. Time is of the essence

This new criminal bill has not yet passed but the Conservative Government has pledged to pass this legislation within 100 days of winning majority, which means it is truly down to the wire. If you are serious about needing a Canadian Pardon then Apply for your Pardon today!

Pardon Process in Sherbrooke, QC

June 22, 2011

Express Pardons offers instruction for people who want to get a pardon and who have a criminal record in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.  This blog explains some of the information provided by Express Pardons regarding pardon applications for people with criminal records.  Having a criminal record has ever-increasing consequence on your life. Employment, travel, bonding, citizenship, adoption, even peace of mind, are all restricted when you have a criminal record. Your criminal record in Sherbrooke, Quebec will never go away, unless you obtain a Canadian pardon.